OMG 2009!!!

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Whilst stumbling I stumbled across this: Goldeneye!!!!. One of the best games ever, now in Beta as a HL2 mod!!!! maybe they’ll figure out how to do zelda…. maybe not.


LAN Party Checklist

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Christmas break is within sight, and so our next LAN party isn’t too far off.  I thought it would be be wise to start planning now all the games we simply must play.  Here’s the list so far.  I’m only including new things to try, as opposed games like Battlefield: 1942 which are by now givens.  Please edit this post to add your own requests to it, prefferably with your reasons for why we should play them.

  • Firearms (HL Mod)- I recently found a very good bot program for this mod, so now we can play 32 man games.  Specifically, we can all band together to form an elite squad an show those stupid robots what’s what, just like we do in Battlefield: 1942.
  • Resident Evil: Director’s Cut (Sven Co-op Map)- We need to keep with our tradition of playing a survival horror Sven Co-opmap after midnight.  This one isn’t my Mr. Franswa, but it’s reputedly the best of the RE series.  It’s also one of the very newest Sven Co-op maps.
  • Civilization IV- Because we haven’t yet.
  • Kill Rusty (Sven Co-op Map)- We also have to play this one after midnight.  It isn’t technically survival horror, but it’s bizarre and creepy with more than its fair share of scares.

That’s all for now.  Hopefully this will grow from a little list of requests into a huge monstrosity of unreasonable demands soon enough.


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I was just strolling about our old friend Dumb: The Game.  Windhover and I are two of the 93 people in the world who have beaten the entire game.  In case you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s a series of devious, insane puzzles for the lateral thinkers out there.

There still haven’t been any new puzzles added, but it’s still fun to play the old ones over again.  They’re complex enough and there are enough of them that I’ve forgotten most of the solutions.  All’s I know is that Bad Book definitely earned the title of “hardest puzzle ever.”

I do have to wonder whether the owner of the site is still accepting user-made puzzles.  He has an e-mail address posted to send ideas or completed puzzles to, and a good number of the puzzles on the site were made by third parties.  That seems like it would be a fun project for the three of us: picking up the dumb torch and making some puzzles.  Maybe…


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Check this game out. It’s a grand total of 96kb but the graphics are really good. Download it here.

Garry Co-op

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Windhover finally got Garry’s Mod, and we played around for a bit the other day.  Making cars, crashing cars, abusing noclip, launching ourselves from catapults… the usual.  Here are some animated GIFs made from our screenshots.

Note: For reasons that are beyond my immediate understanding, the top image will animate within the post itself, but the bottom one will not.  Click on it to see it properly.


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I’ve recently been reading a great web comic called xkcd.  You should check it out.  It’s intended for the mathematically, scientifically, technologically, and centrally (maybe not that one) inclined.  Here are a few ones which I thought were especially amusing.


Monty Python – Autonomous Collective

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I thought this needed to be posted.